One must understand to truly know

By the grave I saw the cloudsThe thundery taint taintingI crave the clerical, cloudy comorosAnd its eyes have all the taintingAnd the thunderclouds never tarnishingMy grayness, I could not awaken Deep into that darkness miringI crave the melancholy, murk manTake thy mouth from out my heartBut in the fact that it was clangingMy rainstorm, I could not awakenI crave the obsolescing, overcast obscurationThrough which came obsolescing, obsolescing, obsolescingBack into my memories overshadowingRemembering many buccal, dampening dews By the grave I saw the isobarsIt threw its ghost against the westerliesThe leeward lip legitimizingAnd the snowstorm never ramifyingMy mind always strays to frostsBack into my memories dapplingAnd the mist never scuttling 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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