Perfect at the end


A permanent reminder runs crooked down his chest

a seam, a scar, still raw, deep, and red

he is in debt to a strangers hand, loses rest

for fear of failing his second chance 

fear of never being anything but the best

because even the highest peak is lost to the sky

the meaning locked beyond an impossible test

and the thoughts drain him, destroy, burn any hope

but somehow he hides his hatred of the stress 

he becomes numb... 


I was there in the end, stuck with the unwelcomed guest

who shattered me with unsurpassable dread 

who left the reminder on my breast

I pitied him for he was alone without himself

what was left just the darkness of obessed 

so I went to him 

They were repressed 

not by anything or anyone

but after cardiac arrest

they lost each other and lost themselves 

together though they were perfectly blessed 





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