Look at her

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 03:29 -- Mansi

Look at her, 
Like, you want to praise her
And not chase her
Render her at sight
That makes her face bright
If your look is null
That will make her Dull

Look at her
Definitely, you should
But only if she would
Allow you for the same
But the look should be tame

Look at her
But don’t get fappy
Instead, make her happy
Now, enough of these rhymes
Just read the above lines
Let me make it serious
As now, we are furious

Do you see that rage?
You can’t keep us in the cage
Instead of not treating her right
Tell him, what is black and white
If you can’t see her rise
At least make him wise

If you can use your fingers
To point at her
Use them to shape his mind
Like the potter does
To give every possible detail
To his piece with fuss

All the mothers, who
Tell their daughters
To smile, less and
Act like a lady
Little did they know
Being a girl is enough for her
To be mistaken and shady

Instead, tell your boys
Look at her 
As if you want to protect them
Look at her
As if they are the real gem
Look at her
But don't suffocate her
Don't be mistaken to stare at her
But lovingly, beautifully or triumphantly

This poem is about: 
My country


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