Baby come home

Baby come home

In bed i wait for darling to come home

Wondering if he is alright or alone

I stare at the cling with tears in my eyes

Wondering if i could make alone another night

My darling is still gone and i want to here his voice

Its been a long time since we both made a choice.

He left in the morning and never came home

I waited and watched and stared at the door

Hoping to here his foot steps once more.

Come home come home i miss you so much

My love and my darling i need your warm touch

a week has gone by and I'm left here alone

Where is my darling oh baby come home

I'm crying and weeping I'm losing my self

Is it true that he's never coming home

The door the door i here it , it opens

My baby my baby he's home i know it

I jump to my feet and run into his arms

i cry and i cry on his arms big and tight

baby i so glad you finally home tonight.

This poem is about: 
My family


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