Two Sides

There once was a girl with two different sides. The bright, the bold, and the bubbly; the happy the laughing and the smiley. The dark, the dangerous, the angry; the hurt, the crying, the melancholy. She smiled to the world, no reason to frown. She walked and she talked like she owned a royal crown. No one suspected, nobody knew: that the smile that she wore was not always true. There was another side. She cried and cried, until she felt she would drown, the tears on her face reflected the rain pouring down. No one suspected, nobody knew she was tired and lonely and wanted to be through. Not through with life, oh no! Never that. But through with these feelings that beat like a bat. When would it be her turn to have a smile that was true? She was tired of these feelings, of wanting to be through. She wanted to be happy, but what could she do? Was her happy side ever be the side that was true?


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