A Broken Dream


United States
41° 21' 7.7976" N, 71° 47' 52.1988" W

I'd ask to go for a walk,
on a day when the sun shines.
And we could forever talk,
or get lost in each others eyes.

And walking with you,
the flowers would smell sweeter.
and it's very true,
because you are a keeper.

As we walk together,
and our fingers interlock,
everything would be better,
limited only by the clock.

They say time flies in a while,
when you're having lots of fun.
Like when I see your smile,
or your beauty that makes my mind run.

My ears will happily ring,
from your voice so sweet.
And my heart will happily sing,
from your beauty that can't be beat.

And as we walk past the waves,
the world disappears,
as if we're alone in the caves,
with absolutely no fears.

The sand beneath our feet,
my mind reaches a verdict.
Being with you is a treat;
because you are perfect.

As the sun begins to set,
I make one final wish.
To have no regret;
to end the night with a kiss.

I'd ask to go for a walk,
feeling the time is right,
but in our brief little talk,
you would tell me not tonight.


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