A Message To My Teacher

Fri, 09/27/2013 - 20:35 -- gmanci


I bet you don’t know that I actually like the way you teach

With those little side stories you tell

I’d like to meet your many cats

And maybe even that husband of yours

I also like those worksheets

With just numbers on them and nothing else

Could be in Chinese

How did you know I wanted to learn another language?

And don’t even get me started on essays

For math

Because numbers in my literature is a dream come true

And I also like it when you assign homework

I feel like it helps me retain the days work

Especially when it’s more than a page long

On a Friday night

And I really love your lectures

Because I never zone out


And frantically writing down dates and names and numbers

Studying until midnight

And getting only a solid B on the test

That doesn’t make me want to take that paper

And have you shove it somewhere unpleasant

I also love it when you don’t assign me to be partners

With my lifelong crush that we all know about

You probably know I’m too busy anyways

With all that homework written in Chinese

Oh, and my favorite essay

And that weekly paper

And that cute little extra credit project

And that awesome reading

Maybe next time it should be longer, though

You probably don’t know how much I love homework

You probably don’t know much about me at all

Because if you did

You’d know that I was a liar.



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