Hit And Run


United States
32° 20' 21.03" N, 104° 22' 45.0876" W

Cold air blows

upon my pale face.

Where am I?

It's white

its lonely

What is this place?

I rise to find

im in a hospital bed.

Braces on my arms

cuts on my skin

bandages on my head.

The doctor comes in

with the nurse in place.

He walks to me

with a sad look on his face.

He tells me I will live

But the others,they did not

Their wounds too bad.

They died very quickly

but at least I fought.

We were in a crash

The car was wrecked.

Hit by a drunk.

Who wasnt looking

last time I checked.

My mother and sister

both were dead

when the doctor told me

I wept so and so

in my hospital bed.

How could this happen?

Why did that man drink?

Why did he drive

and hit us so?

What did he think?

That man lives today

recently out of jail

Cant remember a thing

and feels no guilt

as he received bail.

He still drinks today.

Why,oh why?

Still he drives

Passing me on the road

as I continue to cry.



This poem is so heartbreaking, it speaks right to the reader. It is raw and open, and emotional. The format you've given it makes the words flow right off the screen. If the story is true a commemorate you for being able to write this out so eloquently, and I most certainly would like to pass on my condolences to your loved ones. This is a strong piece against drinking and drive and deserves to be circulated. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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