willow glen. grings. alone. wyomissing.

paradoxically invigorated 

sleeveless in bitter arid wind

mummified autumn leaves trampled underfoot

sigh in relief, sinuses desiccated by the soured air

the roar of eighteen-wheelers

the hum of dying cicadas

burning leaves and pumpkin guts

the sweet perfume of greasepaint and latex


jaded and wistful

the crisp scent of snow marred with muddy tracks

stiff fingers

runny nose

sweltering torso

frozen toes

hopelessly in love

escapist wanderlust


embalmed in the green malodor so sweet

paradoxically dying

freshly hacked-off trousers

goose-pimples on legs exposed for the first time in months

the cry of songbirds

the bad thoughts

the taste of crimson

crying hopeless into the sewer


jaded and manic





soak in the warm microbial swamp

no more pain


bored to tears


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