My Mother is the greatest actress I know

My Mother is the greatest actress I know

She's able to portray the "perfect" wife when she's around friends because they're all BFFS

She is a volunteer junkie because she cares that damn much

She can vomit sweet nectar when she's at church because it's God's house and she could Never be a hypocrite

My Mother can quickly become an injured animal, broken and beaten, left in a cold storm when my father confronts her about their marriage

My Mother is the greatest actress I know


Over the years I have had to sit and watch her performances

Mainly because I'm forced to watch anyways

I've quickly learned the quieter you are during the show, the quicker it will end

Because interrupting her performances would mean I'd have to sit through the credits

And sitting through the credits would mean I would be reminded of how my selfish father is because he is not the saint he makes himself to be


Her shows only include long monologues, voiced by the devil herself

You're not allowed to critic the show either

I made that mistake a few times and let's just say, that made her perform a second Act

Her second Act always included reminding me of how I always ruin her performances

I would be reminded that I need to stop making myself look ugly and put makeup on every fucking day because I need it, yet tell me I am also beautiful

I would be reminded that my hips and thighs are too big to wear skinny jeans, yet I am a size 6 and very skinny for my age

My mother would then question me on why I am so insecure


No one ever sees her shows except her biggest fan,


My Mother is the greatest actress I know

I'd know because I'm not allowed to think any other way

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