KIlling Me Slowly


United States
34° 10' 42.6936" N, 118° 35' 50.298" W

Scary winds, so rough and so strong
Emptiness, that feels so wrong
Loneliness, dragged on for too long
My warm heart, once full of love and light
Was torn away from me one starry night

Trapped, emotional, and blind
I can no longer shed a tear
Hope once wished for deep inside
Knowing you loved me filled me with joy
and pride

But that very night my heart died
you made me despise the words I wished to hear

A rope
Is tied to my heart
As it slowly tears me apart
you stabbed me with your deadly dart
Now I only dream to smile and cheer
But you took that away
It's when you said you no longer loved me

I had to lie and say " it's okay!"
I told myself "let him go live his way!"
I really really hated that day

I feel like I'm about to cry
You stole my heart, my soul, my pride
Now I realize that day my old self died

Squashed like a bug

But thank god you're out of my life
Though the memories poke at my brain like a knife
I really could use a hug.

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