How Things Are


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When Robbin Williams died,
My family sighed saying, that's just how things are sometimes.

When my friend told me she hated herself and wanted to die,
I asked why? What's so wrong with this thing called life?
The way things are, she told me. That's what's wrong with this life.

When he told me he was too scared to continue, that he wanted to die, 
I cried with him and questioned, Why? I could help you to go on.
I love you but you can't, he said, this is just how things are.

When my favorite teacher died,
I questioned why, but then I remembered this is how things are.

When I contemplated suicide,
Alone in my room with a pile of pills and a couple blades in front of me,
I thought- this is how things are. And I can't deal with things being this way.

When my little sister contemplated suicide,
I told her things would be better,
But she called me on my bluff, 
With the way things are you know that it won't.

It's up to those who aren't dragged down by the way things are,
It's up to you to change the way things are.
Teach the world that suicide is not the cure,
That we are.
Living, breathing, people with the ability to change the world.
The ability to change the way things are.

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Our world


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