Maybe it was the way he held your hand, holding on like it would save him from his worst nightmares. Or was it the sound of his voice sleep deprived and full of despair calling you at 3 a.m. Just to Make sure you were still there. Maybe you were the one sent to solve this broken boys sorrows. His pain sung out like a sparrow on Saturday morning, softly at first then like the waves in a storm raging and ravishing the shoreline. But then didn't he once compare you to the setting of the sun and rising of the moon? Saying like the sun you had ended the broken day by birthing new hope from the rising moonlight. But even though you were sent to save him, maybe he was really the one sent to save you. From all the thoughts that circled your head, of how easy that rope would snap your neck. How easily those pills would make drowning seem like sinking into a long deep sleep. But after meeting him your thoughts disappeared like the sparks from a fire into the night.
Maybe...just maybe you were sent to save each other.


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