I Left

Once upon a time, I left my dress

In torn pieces on the floor

Where my sisters ripped it off

And left before they did more.


Once upon a time, I left my home

To venture into a one-night dream

Catch the eye of a future king and

dance till the clock began to scream.


Once upon a time, I left my shoe

To glisten on marble stairs

To lead my prince back to me

And save me with his noble airs.


Once upon a time, I left my friends

The creatures who fought cruelty

Who loved me unconditionally

Until the day I turned to royalty


But "once upon a time" I left behind

To enter into "now"

Married one I'd never spoke to

For his wealth and perfect brow


And so, I left my heart

In the hands of someone eviller

Than all I left behind

At the mercy of a bullier


Now, I've left Prince Charming

In another escape attempt

Instead I'm searching this world

To find good - and to myself reinvent.



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