Daddy, I'm Sorry


hey daddy, it's me, you're little girl...

I need to tell you something that will make you want to curl.

I went to that party, it was right down the block,

but I didn't bother telling you, I was distraught.

I went on to the party, without a single care...

I didn't know I would be tempted there.

There was beer, a couple there, a few here,

my friends were drunk, and I didn't know beer was a bunch of junk.

So, I decided to have a few,

I didn't bother thinking of you.

Those few made me happy! Oh, so glad!

Little did I know, my future was bad.

My friend was out...and she needed a ride home.

I thought I could take her home, with me all alone.

Before I knew it, I saw two lights,

a fast moving semi, and then a fight.

I sit here right now, I cant see anything,

my eyes won't allow.

Daddy, the pain does hurt,

but I can't feel anything, not even my shirt.

The pain has gone away,

so I'm just going to stay here and lay.

Okay, daddy. I have to go,

it's too late for me to say no.

I'm going to go see mom.

But daddy, I'm sorry.


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