Maria Cecilia Lopez


United States
26° 11' 10.59" N, 97° 45' 48.2472" W

Your eyes, green with flicks of brown.
They swallowed me whole.
They took my soul.
They flipped my world world upside down.

A news anchor.
I think she wanted to be a news anchor.
She could have done it too.
She could have done anything.

Your heart, of course, wholesome and pure.
It showed me the light.
It taught me what was right.
It proved to be a viable cure.

I never saw her play a game,
but I watched her practice a few times.
She loved soccer.

Your lips, always smiling and wide.
They spoke words of wisdom
They sang, they whistled, and hummed some.
They opened up and said, come inside.

Im not sure what was in the mail that Friday afternoon.
Probably a letter from a college or university.
Did she saw it.
Did she cry.
Did she have time to run.
Maria Cecilia Lopez

Maria Cecilia Lopez
Of all people...Her?
Why Her!?
You knew who she was!
She loved you!
She prayed to you and called for you!
She learned of you and spread your word!
Yet where were you!
...Never to be found
...Never to be heard.
I dearly hope you understand
that she was a soldier for you
for she put in your hand
her life with all her spirit
Of all people..her..
She still loves you I know...
She was never the type to hold a grudge.
I just hope you take better care of her up there.
You owe her more.
How can you allow a couple intoxicated drivers to take a girl's life!
Of all people..her!

It is hard to respond to the question "If today was your last day..."
But it's even harder to respond to the question, "If today was his or her last day..."
I think of all the things I could have told her.
The love i could have showed her.
Maria Cecilia Lopez

R.I.P. 5/3/2013


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