The lake and it's tune of nature

Thu, 11/16/2023 - 21:58 -- Help_me

The dark green leaves swaying above us, as the wind softly blows.

The water ripples, making soft lapping sounds at the shore. 

The geese puff up their feathers, squawking and flapping wildly.

My friend sits down on a rock, the sounds of their laugh echoing faintly.

A small scurrying sounds behind us, as a squirrel rushes by. 

The lake carries a frenzied, peaceful tune. 


The dark green leaves rocking above me, like long, flowing hair amidst harsh winds.

The water rippling and lapping at the shore, harsh and fast. Making the air taste of salt, almost as if I’m at the ocean.

The cars honking their horns at the highway in the distance, the blaring similar to the thunder, sounding above my head. 

I can hear my heart pounding in my head, like the drums right before a beat drop that will never come.

The rain comes down hard and I feel as if I went swimming in my clothes. Sopping and slow moving as I walk across the lake’s bank. 

It smells so nice though, I can almost hear mother nature whispering to me, telling me it will be okay. As long I stop and breathe and smell sweet bliss, like an old book in an attic full of mildew.

The lake still carries a frenzied, peaceful tune. Even if I no longer have someone to share it with.


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