My Some-what Satirical Senior Year

Mom, Dad, I want to become a doctor.

Doctor-A person trained to heal sick people

People who need help or aid in some form

Form a plan to take the world by storm

Storms are temporary, they eventually go away

Away my social life went, but I wanted it to stay

Stay focused in school until you're one, two or three

Three AM, still studying, there goes sleep...

Sleep--the soul redeeming button an alarm clock can posses

Posses you the will to stay above the rest?

Rest assured, second semester is going to come

Come it may, but senior year's almost done

Done are the football games, the homecoming rush

Rush lacks rhyming words, so I'll go with "flush"

Flushed down the drain are years I'll never again see

C is for Californium; unstable, not likely to be found around nature--like me

Me, a seventeen year old girl who was only chasing a dream

Dreams now of actually dreaming

Because that implies getting some sleep


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