9 Years Old


When she looks at him she gets a chill through her spine because, the man she calls dad has raped her a million times and the one she calls mom nowhere in sight becasue, she's sleeping with a hundred men just in that night, blood here and blood there, this man is taking her light, she's only 9, why is she the one that has to ask God why, trying to tell her mom, but she's too damn high, screaming dad no, no, I'm dying inside, her deceased family looking down in fright, afraid that one day he might permanently turn out here light, trying to escape but, everyone's too damn blind, by the act her "Dad" puts on every time, what's there left for her to do? Nothing but, cry and eventually when her time comes nothing but die? That's just the reality of this thing we call "Life", So you better pay attention next time, her name was Lisa, she was only 9 and already died inside.


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