I Could Be Spider-Man

You know, there is a possibility that I am not spider man. Probably a small one, but it’s still a possibility. I mean Spider-Man must wake up with an emptiness in the left side of his chest looking to the right side to the emptiness of his bed.  Like me.Spider-Man is usually just the man people want to see. They rarely get to know him like they rarely look at me. We are just the men that are better if we’re heard and never seen. Spider man’s a silent man, a silent man like me. There’s a chance that even spider man can’t stand to see himself. Or perhaps the reason that he fights is cause no one else will help. He knows no one will save him like no one will stand by me. I’m sure there’s days when the world brings even Spider-Man to his knees. So maybe I am Spider-Man unless you can prove to me that Spider-Man is not the man that I have always been. There’s just one tiny problem that is messing with my plan, it involves how I’d react with a spider on my hand. If there was a radioactive spider that was crawling on my wrist. It wouldn’t have the chance to bite cause I would kill it first.

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