The Things I Miss About You

You use to look at me the way you look at her,

and I use to love it, 

Like I use to love you,

but now I just miss you.


It's was easier to stop loving you, 

Than it is to stop missing you,

and the things we use to do.


I miss laying together,

With our arms intertwined,

Not bothering to check the clock,

Because time seemed to stop.


I miss kissing you,

Your lips were so soft, 

I couldn't help ruining it, 

you made me smile too much.


I miss laughing with you,

Throwing my head back,

like people do in stories,

but this was real.


I miss walking with you,

With the sun shining down on your face,

Or my umberella over your head,

You always forgot yours. 


I miss being in love,

Oh god do I miss being in love. 


The only thing more painful,

Than being in love,

Is being out of love.


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