A Breathe I Should Take

            I am constantly trying to remain sane but the status of

our relationship is driving me over the edge

           or maybe i am already over the edge and the breeze of 

plummeting to the ground is making me regain consciousness.

The truth is I'm not breathing. I stopped. 

                          You see, when you stop breathing, everything seems to



Ignore the oxygen deprivation signs: the unresponsive tendecies, blurring vision

and your lungs catching fire from the friction your heart is creating 

                                                   bumping and throbbing trying to 

encourage you to breathe again.

The second truth is that i still miss and love you more than you can understand.

I saw the end as it began and I would rather have you for a little while than 

never at all. Never having the chance to call you mine.

I prayed. Well, I tried. Nothing happened..

I just hope you are happy and i hope you remember to breathe.

I am sorry you had to put up with me. 

                         Ever since we ended things- i mean when you ended things- 

                  all I could do is write, write and delete, delete

              So, I suppose, I thank you for giving me something to write about but

it's not something I wanted because now everything I write about has an under lying 

message that's about you.

                        I am slowly breathing. Slowly taking control of myself. 

until I saw you with her. Then I stopped again. 

A flashback of how much you told me you liked her 

A flashback of your broken heart because of her

one request: don't forget me 

                        you already left me, i miss your voice

i wish i could breath again.


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Moonlight Diamond

Great poem. Really easy for people to connect to when going through something like this. 

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