Playing With Fire


United States
38° 55' 48.4896" N, 104° 52' 49.7604" W

Kissing, trembling,
Up your spine.
Licking, tasting,
Your thoughtless mind.
My eyes glow yellow
As your arms bare orange
Jaws clamp tight
As you’re no more.
Fall down in white,
Dancing up in grey,
The air grow bitter,
Cut down by child’s play.
Whistling, crackling,
Your hairs scream out
Breathing, dying,
You’re just a mount.
Crawling, fluttering
Up my legs,
Seeking, searching,
For untouched skin.
My eyes grow white,
Empty branches sway,
My cavity runs light,
As I begin to pray.

God, where does the arsonist go?


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