as the night goes unnoticeD


United States

what is a beat


dusk to dawn


settled down influenced by the near uprising

peaceful. safe.

chained within

a lack of light eyes do close

slumber till the light returns

a beat. a rhythm. a habit


but if you were to open your eyes

unnatural. nocturnal

be awake in the darkness

experience the melody

what is it to be awake? while others are


a comforting lonesome.

cold. deep. slow breaths.

relaxation and cold sands.

blue beauty and silver, sparkling somber


they don’t notice the moon.

while it comes they go

heartbroken, alone.

the night is beautiful.

but we are blind.

to the moon. to the truth.

what is it?

we do not look at the sun. for fear of


why don’t we look at the moon?

we choose to sleep.

we choose to ignore.

we choose to be blinded by the moon



what is it  to be awake? while others are



the stars listen to your symphony

the loneliness is no longer unbearable

the sky darkens with your soul.

clouds of grey. in the sky? or in your mind?

never truly alone, accompanied. by the



in the night, feeling life for the very first time

dancing in the glow of the streetlights

feeling safe in the 5am light.

soon to draw to an end,


so please! open your eyes!

before orange and red paint the sky!

for I am the moon!

awake while you sleep!


and on the contrary.

as a beat.


asleep while you wakE.


Holly Smith © 2017


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