If I Could Turn Back Time


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Oh how I wish I could turn back time
To when you were still here, still alive
I miss you more and more each day
And nothing will ever be the same
I can hardly cope with this pain
And it seems like everything has changed
I feel so sad and lonely tonight
Hanging on with all my might
I knew one day you would be gone
But when and how it happened is just wrong
It is not fair that you had to die
While others have fathers who are still alive
If I could turn back time to the last time I saw you
I would say i love you, hug you, and never leave you
But I can't turn back time
And I have to live life without you here by my side
Gotta deal with you not being here
And have to live through the tears
I hope you are at peace up there in heaven
You will never be forgotten



I wish to go back to the time this poem was published: 2013 April 28th. Then i can save my life with B12 shots. Sorry about your Dad. When would be a good time to turn the time back to so we could have him around?



Let us go back to this date 4/28/2013- I am about to go to Colombia.

And what I am going to do is hit the lottery: 2 · 20 · 34 · 42 · 54

Mega Ball: 39

Then I submit it and go to Colombia. When I come back, I collect the winnings and I go

to Hungary. We stay at Timi's place and we buy up apartments. we come back to the

States and pack up the house and go for a cross-country trip. We move home by 

Christmas. And have my diplomas taken home and I translate the book about B12. 

I get lots of Milgamma injection so I feel better. I get pregnant in the summer of 2013.

When the kids grow up, I go to medical school. 


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