Moving On

I can’t help but feel

That I will never stop writing

About this feeling

That I will never stop feeling

This in love

And this unloved

At the same time

It’s an emotion

That can’t quite be described

Or transcribed

Or believed.

I am moving on

From your grasp

From your smile

From your laughter or voice

Moving on from the memories we made

The meals we shared

The songs we sang

The times I will never forget

And the pain you watched me endure

The pain you let me endure

As if you have a masochistic love

Or none at all.

I’m a broken record playing your name

Every time I go somewhere we’d been

And I’m running out of places

Out of tenderness or patience

I am moving on for me

For once

Making the best choice for me

And it doesn’t involve you

Or include you

Or succumb to you

My future is a world that doesn’t know you

Just remembers everything that is over

Everything that you let go

That you missed

That I will become

And perhaps you will look back

Remember the taste of my name

The warmth of my touch

Or the way I made you smile

But I will be gone

Moving on to another crosswalk

With a new hand to hold

A place where I can grow old

The hands of time are no strangers

Let me go

Watch me grow

But please know

I have moved on

Just like you wanted me to


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