That Night.

That night. 


I replay that night in my head. 


The night the waiting came to an end. 

The night I constantly smile about. 

The night I finally felt that maybe there was something between us. 


The night I constantly cry about. 


You finally let me in. 

Into your house.

Into your space.

Into your mind.

And into your soul. 


What a beautiful soul. 


As I’m sitting there, I don’t blink. 

I don’t blink because blinking means missing a second of this moment. 

Of this happiness.


Blinking means a second away from your beautiful mind. 

Beautiful soul. 

Beautiful eyes. 

Beautiful smile. 


For once, I stopped second guessing. 


I stopped.


I stopped and enjoyed the moment. 

I stopped and allowed all the beautiful thoughts to flood in. 


What a silly girl. 


That’s me.

I’m the silly girl. 

The silly girl who let her guard down. 


Who allowed herself to let him back in.? 

Who allowed herself to think that this…that we could be a possibility? 

Who allowed those beautiful blue eyes to break her…yet again?




After all,


He did tell you, you two would never amount to anything. 


What he didn’t tell you…


Was that night would be the only night. 


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