Fallen Dreams


When a raindrop falls from the dark sky above

A tiny voice calls, in the distance looking for love

You can hear the thunder, lightning flashes in her eyes

Her body six feet under, trapped alone her soul cries

The ground wet with tears from the sky

Cold sweat, she fell from clouds a little too high


Once upon a time, a beautiful princess she was

That was the crime maybe that is what love does

Her heart knew no limit, when she fell so hard

Her mind it was split, between love and her guard

It is better to have love and lost, they told her

But no one, only her, knew the cost she paid in a blur


Now what is left, a single white rose

The petals fell on her chest, and with snow they froze

Her heart it still beats, a silent scream

While her breath it still fleets, she wakes from this dream

Grasping for air, she sits up on her bed

The Darkness gives her a stare, her life had almost fled


She goes back to sleep, with a cold feel

She had fallen too deep, it was all too real


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