Here we go again.

Mon, 05/08/2017 - 12:30 -- Neftee

Walk into the work place,

"Nic, nice to see you!"

"You too"

I hate this place.

I hate essence of what it is.

I can not stand for it,

Selling my soul to be your bitch.


Yea, i know. Just enough money to pay rent.

Take the girl on a date.

I am a husk of a man.

My skin is a mask i wear over a hollow jar.

It used to have fireflies in it.

But now its a burnt out star.

A black hole.


The world is not good, But ...

Good can be found at the end of a burned bridge.

A boss told to "stuff it"

A Shift I didnt show up to.

A call never made and wedding left at the alter.


No man is entitled anything.

No woman deserves respect.

Be a civilized tax payer, or be human.

I suppose the choice is up to you.

I just wish i didnt have to play your games.





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