The tears that are surfacing


The tears that are surfacing upon my eyes and leaving glistening trails of a salty substance are not there for the comfort you had given me.

I have compromised with waiting on you to allow me to smother your beating heart in my affection but once more, I am forced away.

You've had it rough, and so have I, but that has not stopped me from reaching my hand to you cheek and pulling you to me in the most passionate and gentle kiss I could give to you.

It has not stopped me from carressing your hair when you have pressed your cheek to my thighs as if they were pillows.

I have given you love that I never allowed anyone else to grasp or clutch on to. I built a monsterous castle around my heart and shielded myself from the surrounding people.

I slipped away from reality with the public still gracefully continuing their dance around on the dance floor so that I may have one private whisper to you.

I cannot bear to see or hear the melancholic words you speak. Shun not me for I have given you the world. 

You are traveling at the speed of light while I am only Earth, waiting billions of years to see your destroyed stars glow. I am patient and while the shooting stars may already be dead by the time I see them, I will appreciate their beauty just as I, now, appreciate you.

I have desired nothing more or less than a kiss and a chance to be your princess but yet, I am profoundly the last thought from your mind and the pushing of my desire is slaughtering the chance that could ever rise from the occasion. 

Is this going to be my goodbye symphony? Most likely not. I can only press so much without looking like an imbicile. Your precious soul is angelic and tender but mine is broken and bitter to the taste. 

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