Another Love Poem

This is just another love poem

Nothing too exciting

Just a lost soul grasping to words

To try and pull himself out of the dark

Love? dark?

Didn’t expect those words together?

Or maybe you did

I’m sorry if you did

Because this is just another love poem

A love poem about you

Or maybe about me?

A love poem about love

But there’s only so many words to use

I find myself reciting the same phrases

The same words again and again

As if the English language wasn’t intended

For emotions this tangible

But that’s not the problem here

No that was never the problem

The problem is that to me you are everything

And all I ever wanted was to be something

To you.

But here I am

Tongue swallowed

lips bleeding from biting down on themselves

Eyes glimmering like earthy lakes

Do not feel bad for me

It is not your fault

that my heart beat has no return policy

That he does not understand how some emotions can be temporary

How some people can be temporary

But this is just another love poem

It cannot heal your wounds

It will not reassemble my brokenness

I knew I would love you from the first kiss

From the first time we cooked together

Danced on your kitchen floor

I found shelter from the storm in your arms

Which makes standing in the rain feel that much lonelier now.

But we knew this would happen

I knew this would happen

Though my heart had decided otherwise

Though my heart be a hopeful song

Every love poem has an ending

With another love poem to follow

Just be careful which words you leave behind

For future generations

Be careful which words you leave behind

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