The Last Day of May.

Tue, 01/06/2015 - 13:28 -- meh37

Driving home that rainy night, 
Everything was normal, everything was right.
I turned the same way I always do,
quickly running out of time before curfew!
Almost home, just a few miles to go, 
I press the pedal down hard and let the fuel flow.

Suddenly, I feel the tires lose traction,
car swerves back and forth with my reaction. 
I tried to steady the violent beast,
terror grips my heart and won't release.
Can't stop, can't slow down, 
how do I stop this from going down?

BAM! Fence post turns my car left
BAM! another lays it on the passenger side
I hope I make it out of this ride alive.
CRASH! into a tree, the car stops.
Seconds of blackness, then I find my phone.
I need help, I need the cops. 

9-1-1 I've been in an accident 
I can't breathe and my car is bent!
I lost control on the wet road, 
the speed should have forbode.
I'm scared, I don't want to die!
I can't feel my chest, I can't feel my thighs.
Please send help right away,
my energy is starting to fade!

The paramedics arrive and cut apart the car.
I can hear their voices but they sound so far.
I try to respond, but my body is weak.
Air is thick with smoke and fuel reek. 
I wish my family was here,
they would take away the fear.
I wish I hadn't drove so fast, 
maybe this pain and fear won't last?
My eyes are heavy, maybe just a nap.
Just a few more minutes, it's a rap.

Standing outside the twisted mess,
My soul is finally at rest. 
Please tell my family I'm safe,
I will never be far away.
No more pain, no more terror.
I'm going to live with the Great Preparer. 
I'm sorry my choices will make you despair,
but know that my body was beyond repair.
I'm happy and free, no more burdens to bear. 
Please know that I love you,
no matter what, I do.




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