“do you love me?”

her bright eyes dig into your soul,

her star-spun fingers twitch nervously.

and as you examine her body movements

you realize how insecure she got

with just a glance of your eyes.

her arms quickly wrapped around her waist,

she slowly looked to the floor,

her legs no longer planted to the ground,

but nervously swaying.

and suddenly she didnt look quite as beautiful..

but you lift her chin, her eyes not so bright anymore.

“of course.”

she smiles. god how you loved her broken smile.



she steps back slightly.

but only so you could save her from pain

you stutter “i promise.”

and watch as she blushes and looks to the ground

once more.


sometimes lying isnt always a bad thing.



Aww!!! Cute and very true! It is hard to tell when you are really in love with someone. 


RIGHT this poem is so sad and so true at the same time

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