Please Forgive Me

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 01:20 -- K.A.I

We buried you in Evergreen cemetery

On October 15, 2010


Block double zero three A


Your headstone read

Matthew Medina Jr.  

Beloved husband, father, son and brother


August 29, 1988




September 5, 2010


Your favorite color was royal blue

And you loved pepperoni pizza


You would play the same Scooby doo movie on repeat

Just to see me smile


You did my hair every morning before school

Because mom was always running late


You made dinner for me and the boys

When dad was gone and mom was working


You loved kit kats

And cheesy romance movies


You would stay up late with Trevor when he got sick

And help Ryan study every night for his entrance exam

You were on the sidelines of every single one of Jared's football games

And always got me to cheer practice on time  


It’s been 3,285 days

Nine years


You have missed a lot

Jared is getting married in July

Trevor in August


I graduated high school

I made it, just like you said I would


I leave for basic in September

And Ryan went back to school


Dad is doing his dream job

And Mom, is finally starting to smile again


Alex turns seven this year

He looks just like you

Goofy smile and all  


You were twenty two years old

When you died


It’s hard to think that your not here

Some days are harder than others


Sometimes I just really need you

I need you to tell me that it’s all going to be okay


The day you died

I didn’t quite understand

I was only nine


When your a kid no one ever tells you the full story

No one ever tells you what really happened


I was thirteen when I actually found out how you died


I’m sorry that I never noticed it before


You did everything for everyone

But what did we do for you?


I was never angry

At anyone but myself


I’m sorry that I didn’t hug you one more time

And I’m sorry that I didn’t say ‘I love you’ one more time


I’m sorry that I took your love for granite


I miss you so much Matt

And please forgive me for not saying goodbye

When you walked out that front door  

This poem is about: 
My family


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