The Stages Of Love


My heart skips a beat

He's beautiful. Perfect. Positively sweet.

I only wish that we might meet. 

But perhaps I wouldn't be able to take the heat.

Not if my heart keeps beating so quick.



My breath is stolen with ease.

It seems you've been made to please.

I am being filled with unease.

I've long thought that my heart could never unfreeze.

But now you've thawed it out immediately.



Your eyes meet mine and I'm gone.

I try to smile but it seems so put on.

You smile back, and really, I don't mean to fawn.

It seems my good manners are forgone.

I just can't help but stare.



I think we make a perfect match.

Like, say, I was the hole and you were the patch.

You've truly loosened the latch.

You like to say I'm a real catch.

I suppose it's becuase I've fallen.



You kiss me and I'll kiss you.

Just keep kissing until we both turn blue.

I really could never get sick of this view.

It's like my heart always knew.

That we should never be apart.



I wish sometimes you wouldn't be so distant.

Or maybe that you were aware I existed.

It's like you've become resistent.

Your love is just so inconsistent.

But I never wanted you more.



You've started to stay out late every day.

Without you the apartment seems so gray.

I wish you wouldnt stay away.

I wonder if your heart is starting to stray.

I close my eyes to the truth. 



You don't seem the same anymore.

It's like you've become a big bore.

I think my heart is at war.

You're not the man that I grew to adore.

But I couldn't bare to lose you.



I try to plead with God in my prayers.

I'd like to think that he really cares.

That he'd keep us, one of his great pairs.

I've been having such strange nightmares.

You leave in every one. 



I open my eyes and I am alone.

But it feels like I've always known.

I put you on some sort of throne.

And you, you dropped me like a stone.

You were never with me. 



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