The man with a blue shirt.

I’m asleep oh so gentle, so calm. I wake up to a touch on my arm. I jump up scared thinking he’s back, I then notice the feeling was myself touching my arm. “Anyone there?” I ask frightened. “I’m here” I see a man with tight jeans and a blue shirt looking at me. “It’s you! why are you here?” I asked. “I’m here to hurt you, to make you feel alone it’s simply what I do” he responds. I'm thinking of what to say, but I just blurted out the word “Why?” he then looked at me as if I should know why. I just don't understand,  I don't understand what he wants but he won't leave… “You can’t rid of me, I will follow you forever to the ends of the earth until the day you die, I’m a nightmare the monster under your bed the one lurking in your pain your sorrow fuels me” the man says with a grin. “Are you okay up there, who you talking to?” my mother calls out from down stairs, I don't respond. “You’ll never understand the pain you’ll receive from me, Don’t think you're the only one everyone has somebody like me lurking with them not many see it though you hate me you can’t rid of me and I can’t leave you, we need each oth..” He stops as the door opens and my mother comes in. “Hun come downstairs breakfast is ready” my mom says. I then look away from the mirror next to my bed and walk downstairs with my mother, As I walk out I realize no one was ever there but myself, I look down to see I’m wearing a blue shirt with tight jeans.


For The People Struggling With Self Hate You’re Not Alone..


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