The Letter of Broken Dreams

Wed, 07/10/2013 - 20:55 -- chigh1


Dressed in white and at the hall, Excited was she not nervous at all, It was a day she looked forward to since she was a child, Whenever she thought about it she sat and she smiled. It was almost time with only a moment more, When suddenly there came a knock knock on the door, With a click from the lock the door was unlatched, Behind was a woman unhappy and detached. She came with bad news for the lady in white, An envelope in hand from the man of the night, With a shaky hand she gave it away, while the face of the woman turned ash grey. When the envelope was finally in the hands of the engaged, She tore it open unhappy and enraged, Inside the envelope was the saddest of words, That seemed not right and absolutely backwards. "My dearest darling I do hate so say, That I cannot marry you under the archway, The things I have done are no good for your head, They cannot be written much less be said. But please do remember my beautiful wife, I will always love you til the end of life, But now we must part, so do not despair, For the love that we had was truly not there. I know you're upset I've got that in mind, But someday you'll be happy and leave me behind. And with these words I do proclaim, This is all me I am to blame. So goodbye dear friend I bid you adieu, I wish you good luck in the things that you do. Be strong and don't cry the tears of despair, Because in your heart I'll always be there."


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