Life Without You


United States
40° 48' 44.0784" N, 81° 26' 19.9896" W

Life is not so easy now that you are gone
I cry every night for I am not as strong
I wish you were still here with me right now
But I know it is better that you flew up through the clouds
You are no longer suffering with pain
You are now smiling down on us from heaven
I know you will watch over me
And help me to succeed
You will always be there
And love will always be in the air
I miss you more than words can say
You were my father and that will never change
You may be gone but you're not forgotten
You remain in our hearts and we will see you again
So rest in peace, dad
Don't worry about us being sad
We will get through this, it just takes time
And we will sometimes cry
Life is short and we shall move on
But you will always be the sun shining down upon
All of our hopes and dreams
And helping us to get wherever life shall lead


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