Child Soldier

The TV screen flickers
Showing what I am so used to
But it's more horrible
Than fun little pixels
They are real people
Shedding real blood
For a cause that's not so real
I fret and worry
For every life on the field
I do not know them
But I worry still
This war destroys fable foundations
On which our future is built
They keep calling children to war
So my future is gone
Ground into dust and blood

The war still rages on
My children are at home
Hiding behind doors and walls
I fight for a cause
I no longer remember
And the blood keeps shedding
Cursing the earth under our feet
Until we can no longer breath
We fight and fight and fight
Our bodies dropping from exhaustion
But still we fight
And we wait for the children
To answer the call of war

This poem is about: 
Our world


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