Coping Problems

Once I had a heart,

A heart as big as the world!

Well maybe not that large…

But it fit inside of a girl.

But over time I find it broken,

Shattered beyond repair.

I should have never let it open

Just because “love” was in the air.

Now please don’t feel sorry.

Cause I did this to myself.

I saw what was happening

And I didn’t cry help.

I just kept it all inside me,

And felt the pressure grow.

Now my heart lies in pieces

As fine and vast as snow.

Now I know that time is all you need

That’s’ what they all say

But a wound can’t heal at all

 I you keep letting it bleed…


Now I’ve forgotten the shape of my heart

And even though I’ve got all the parts,

There’s no way I could put it together again.

Because the place inside just didn’t keep its shape

And now I find I’ve been left in the wake

If a girl who gave her all, but is left with no escape.

Now I know I should have been gone at the first sign of danger.

And the second should have been buried in my past.

By the third I froze, denying

Swore the forth one wouldn’t last.

Now I can’t deny, even if I try

That I gave up too fast.


I think I’ve found a way to find a new start

I know it won’t be perfect, It’ll leave a scar

If I close my eyes and let it be

Now I don’t see a broken heart.

I can pretend I’ve gone on vacation

Toes deep in the sand that shines like stars

The ocean crashes loudly

As each wave crashes to the floor

I’ll hold my own hand

And keep my self warm

When the wind will blows like a summer’s breeze

I’ll smile without a care

I hope you sprain your arm

When you swing to shatter what is now thin air


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