Me, You and The Thousand Reasons Why I Left

I was in love with you before even knowing your existence.
In your eyes I saw the meaning of love when you first looked at me. And I was wondering how? And why Me?
Was it really the time or it was just another one of my fantasy? A dream that I kept chasing without seeing the end...

The only thing that I was seeing was you.
You taught me to feel, how to react and even more. But what was this feeling? Was it love or was it an illusion? I don't know... I didn't know and I've never knew because you made me feel different, special and I trusted you.
The fact that I could easily read in you was so unexpected, the way you was looking at me made me feel like nothing else existed for you, nobody else counted but me. I felt great...and just like that... I felt in love.

They always say love is an amazing feeling that no one can't really explain.
At first you feel butterflies in your stomach, then your heart beat faster and last but not least you can't stop thinking about the person.

I was ready for this... I felt like it...I knew it. But I wasn't ready for what came after.

This one day you woke up next to me, and couldn't even look me in the eyes. I felt something was wrong cause remember I said it was unexpected the way I could read in you. And you knew it, cause you felt it too.
Was it a super power or just the connection between me and you that was so realistic? Still I never knew.

I was blind...because I was trying to fix you even tho I knew you wasn't broken, but just gone.
Then I tried to fix me, because I thought I could get you back, even tho I knew I wasn't broken, but you was just gone.
You started acting in a very strange ways...telling me you are at a friend's house late at night. I trusted you even tho I knew it was a lie.
You told me you were gone on a boring trip with the guys, and it might take longer than what you expected
I trusted you even tho I knew it was a lie.
I became a psycho in order to know and understand why? Just like the first time. Was it real, or was it this time a nightmare that I was trying to escape for so long? I didn't know... I've never knew...but now I know.
I've been looking around...going through every step just to find out she was older than me, more experienced and she has been around the whole time.
And just like that...I hated you.

I wasn't ready for this... I've never been cause I never knew how it felt to hate someone as much as you love.
You've never taught me this part.
I had a lot of emotions combined. Love, hate, frustration, anger, deception and I din't know...I never knew but now I know it was just a beautiful illusion the whole time.

I could give you a thousand reasons why I left, but it still won't be enough.
You can be as sorry as you want I still will be gone.
The only thing I want you to know is that "I was in love with you before even knowing your existence ".
I was ready for this...I felt like it... I knew it. But I wasn't ready for what came after.

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