Internal Enemy

Please stop stalking me,

stop watching for my every weakness and exploiting it.

you are a slimy shadow,

a grim stormcloud.

hanging over my head,

showering me with disapproval and fear.

you choke me and gag me,

trying to tell me that I am sick.

I want to run away,

but I have absorbed you.

I let you crawl into every crevice of my mind.

In fact I have invited you in,

I told you all of my secrets,

and you blackmail me with the possibilities of the future.

You feel tangible to me.

A viable weight that binds me to twisted lies.

Please just go away.

let me live separated from you

let peace rain down and wash the nervous blood from my hands,

let the sun rise and save me from your shady presence.

this is not me!



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