Always I, Colors a Smile

I can see the grass grow higher
-Oh how must this life come easy

To grow as the wind blows
-If only it was as swift to rest in peace

Roots grasp the earth steady under
-I can barely stand still surface needs

Rising stronger by the sun & moon
-Each day I feel to drop down on knees

More and more reach for the sky
-More and more the hole gets deeper

And blooms in colors as it smiles
-It gets harder to be true in all the lies

The season is fall and the petals dry
-It's the holidays alone, silently I

Now days in the light are left behind
-barely lift, this weight, let me fly.

The streams still run way up that hill,
climb its highest peak, stand free.
Take comfort by the breeze.

I still I wish, but a wish...
It all came to me...

"Stand firm be strong, please follow me..."

-the words grow stronger as knees tremble,
still to tumble down the lights grow shy in me.

"Open your arms and let him in by the light shines brighter days."

- This I have seen and gone fades away a reason the failure outweighs. The light dimms- astray, far too long have the years haunted me the same.

"Come on home share this plate with us, the days pass over now still live with us. "

-I wish and can't bear the hunger hurts, hold a smile im sure will remind me with all the pain you have endured. Alone- away from him, keep this harm as far I go, unsure and without.

" I pray you fight the demons in you ****."

-A demon stood by, devoured the light has ever claim my rights to share what is love, I freight. In this room is sinking darken eyes, I am its shadow.

"You are loved by the eyes of we whom see you more over what has been."

-I see its reflection is one I too hide from, these words are only kind too long.
I feel the weight silently bury far deep, long has forgotten a loves creed. Once dearly close, now shattered the glass is evil to me.

Still I share it's days alone, in cast a star of the night is my only light this time.

-In season falls, the petals run dry,
the days of light are many behind.

In a cross between ways, angels flew
in peace of a face, you said it's true, on that day no words kept you shook the world over.

A lifetime love is always true be fair, I long to be a pair, of this I swear.

Hope in another light, hope it lits the same, hope I see you within.

Hope these wings spread,
on my way out, throw this weight over
no more alone,
its higher than thought,
leap to faithe...

A hopeless wings fades..
warm, beats on
grew another day.

See me along the winds sail,
gently by a soul blooms a body flows.

A season of warmth, as its petals rose.
The way had broken free its bind
In life's journey refined worthy,
in colors of a smile- came its light.

Spread these wings to fly,
by your eyes shine brighter days.
Wipe the tears beyond the skies.

The season came by a petals rise,
know the dark days are left behind.

Always I

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