Dear Dad,

I look back on the days

When you showed me all of your love

Showed me all of your care

When I thought you just acted tough


Always left your side fast

When you gave me all of your time

Put all of your hope

In your oldest daughter in line


You still argued with moms

Because I caused all of your fights

Gave me all of your heart

Rubbed my back on the restless nights


You gave me everything

Thought it would last all of your life

One day all of those thoughts

Vanished right before my own eyes


Never would've thought that

I'd suffer from all of your wrongs

Wasn't all of your fault

Instead of letters I wrote songs


You could've called me once

But didn't cause all of your pride

Maybe all of your hurt

Still it should've been pushed aside


I should've called you more

But I thought of all of your sin

Due to all of your past

You caused this to even begin


Now we've drifted apart

And I gave you all of your space

Went through all of your cash

But that's something you can replace


Some things you can't restore

Like the thoughts of all of your plan

I miss all of your hugs

Like skin hunger of my old man


Lack of fatherly touch

You give to all of your toddlers

Don't see all of your glee

In your eyes like son's to father's


When you look at your son

Your face fills with all of your joy

Seems that all of your focus

Goes to your only little boy


I understand that though

I don't expect all of your aid

Don't want all of your help

All I need is for what I prayed


Ponder about our lives

When I think of all of your acts

Question all of your thoughts

And wonder what it is I lack


Guess I'll never know what

I did for all of your disdain

They fill all of your void

I just have to live with the pain


Cassidy delCastillo


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My family
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