Laid to Rest?


United States
38° 51' 46.3536" N, 76° 58' 12.2412" W

Ladies and Gentlemen...
We are gathered here today to celebrate something wonderful.
A life.

No longer will she face tears
No longer will she face pain
No longer will she kiss the pavement wishing for the rain
She wished to be free and that's what she got
She'd rather be in the clouds than back down on a cot

Happiness is something no longer in her head
Her will is gone, my girl is dead.
I wish I could have told her to stay strong, hold on longer
But she couldn't face it anymore, hidden feelings
I guess she couldn't wait for summer bringings.
Tears come up to the brim of my eyes but the best I could do is wipe them and smile
And remember the moments she was happiest...

But wait, there's hope...
She's not dead yet.


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