I Want A Lot Of Things

I want you to think of me in black and white
to see the past that could have been your future

I want my name burned into your brain and regret etched into your skin

I want closure

I want to drive down your street and hear that song without the flashbacks
the kaleidoscope of memories

I want this to be easy

I want my heart back
you stole it only to warm it up with hope and then freeze it over with your frigidness

I want to stop bringing you up in conversation just to hear your name

I want to believe that you are the kind of good that deserves a girl like me

I want you to ache for me the way I've been aching for you the past twelve months

I want so desperately for you to understand that your silence cut more than words ever could

I want the hurt to stop

But I want a lot of things

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