Permanant marker X's All

Permanant marker X's 

All across her mirror

She stands in the same spot 

And looks at every error 

Like a wrong answer 

Like a failed assignment 

But at least she won't have to look 

Into her own lightless eyes 

Because there's a black marker X 

Where her pretty face should be


A portfolio of photos

In the wastebin by his bed

They capture his heart in black and white 

In extreme angles and soft light 

But he's not good enough 

And he'd rather be practical than happy 

Be the man he's expected to be 

Pretend beauty doesn't exist 

And drown in a career 

And a life that doesn't feel like his 


If I could change one thing 

I'd let them dream 

I'd let them love

At least a little longer 

I'd let them see beauty 

In themselves

In the world

I'd let them be happy




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