You're in my fluff thoughts

We spent night upon nights spitting words laced with toxic until our minds grew numb 

but we still said good night and we could feel the warmth

We spent hours driving spikes down each other's throats as we fell apart and our eyes grew wet

but we still held each other and enjoyed the warmth

We would have scratches and bruises on our tired bodies and our minds are spinning

We are thinking, what could we do?

What is there to do?

As I let you have me, I didn't notice that I also had you too.

I begged for your love that I already had.

I stayed small no matter how big you grew.

Yet, you still cherish me.

The hardest times have passed and I can truly feel your warmth.

The road was rough and is still bumpy 

but I can trust you with the wheel

because I love you.



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