A Chang In Choice

It doesn't take much to change a mind,

unless you have one just like mine.

A choice was given to me just last year,

And I could only think "Oh dear, Oh dear."

I had to choose, go left or go right,

To choose the path of dark or light.

Did I want to let a friend down,

Or keep the pride and crown?


I chose wrong and hurt a friend,

But that was not all, only beginning an end.

I made a mistake but was set in my ways.

I couldn't sleep, I was restless for days,

But there had begun a great change,

One that held hope to settle my rage.


I picked up my pride and I threw it out.

This was the only way I knew I could stop the doubt.

I ran back to my friend and fixed what was done.

I still didn't feel the happiness; it hadn't begun.

I said that I had made my choice, nothing could be fixed,

But he looked in my eyes and I was betwixt.


He said "There is no problem, for you came back,

And light is no longer what you lack.

You are my friend; and although darkness is true,

You chose to find the light and paid what is due.

Your punishment was guilt and you paid in full,

You proved your not as stubborn as a bull."


A tear fell and my eyes were wet.

I am glad I made the choice to fix that debt.

A wrong choice may be made,

But a choice can be fixed and always repaid. 

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