Let's Be

Tue, 06/10/2014 - 00:49 -- rauchb2

Let's be like kids in the movies,
making dreams in the backseat.
Let's be like adults on TV,
making love in taxis.

I wanna dance in the dark
like a girl falling in love.
Let's take a ride through the park
where you'll give me anything but love.

You don't need to be smart.
Just good at what you do
and, honey, stealing my heart
was the best thing for you.

Now, I wanna eat candy
laying down on your bedroom floor
drinking sherry and brandy,
Let's play clothing war.

Growing up never enticed me anyway.
I like it better here on your pillows.
like little boys and girls that like to play
princes and queens under sleeping willows.

I'll be the wicked imp swallowing her song.
You'll be my lovely exotic King
trapped in my cage where pretty birds belong.
But, for me, I know you'll sing.

Let's be like Indians dancing around a fire,
painting our skins with love and envy.
Let's be like knights and squires,
sword fighting a dastardly evil enemy.

Saving damsels in distress is essential
for the common boy in squires wear.
But loving a girl like me is not beneficial
since I couldn't even leave friendship's lair.


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